A downloadable game for Windows


Release V1.1

by HawkSandwich

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This is a free CoD zombies clone set in the Spongebob universe.


-Lead developer - HawkSandwich

-Developers -Maple Tree Games (Vaqquixx)

-Voice Acting - Vaqquixx, Taylor F (NonsensicalThings)

-Font - Tartarsauce erc

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
AuthorsHawkSandwich, Maple Tree Games
GenreShooter, Action, Strategy, Survival
Tags3D, Arcade, First-Person, Singleplayer, spongebob, Zombies

Install instructions

1. Download the given .zip file.

2. Unzip to anywhere, with the program of your choice (7zip, winRAR, etc.)

3. Run the "Krusty_Zombies.exe" file.


Mac_OSX_Krusty_Zombies_b3.0.zip 70 MB
Krusty Zombies R1.1.zip 90 MB

Development log


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This game is fire not going to lie, wish goo lagoon had more content, keep up the good work!

This is amazing, as a huge fan of Call Of Duty Zombies me and my brother love this game.  Hope it gets more updates,


Gameplay en espa帽ol 

Bro this is awsome put this on steam!!!

Nice Sponge bob shooter game! It was amazing and we did finished it 馃憣馃徎.

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's


does the game have xbox support?


I legit was gonna make a game like this GODDAMMIT

lol happens all the time doesn't it


IKR, might still do it. I had many different ideas from this


go for it, people are still playing these spongebob games like crazy


I will, thanks for the encouragemen

what is The status of the Development of the game because i want to play it because  i like cod zombies clones

In fact, it's very fun. It reminds me a lot of CoD, you did a great job! (Pt-BR)

(1 edit)

Hello, I really loved your game, I made a fun video playing it, thanks!

on round 23 i couldnt swap my guns. i still had my 2nd gun but i couldnt swap to it. other than that still a fun game. i suggest a 3rd map set in the city part

and coop

i love this game so much but i have been want to play the alpha next update with where you can play the alpha plz

I really loved your game it made me so nostalgic and was definitely the highlight of my video.

Please update this game with more maps it's really good and very addicting.

Your game shows up as the third game in the video and thank you very much.

I had fun in this game! it was great 

loved itt

coop online plz

finalmente rodada 50 nos 3 mapas


This is a Great Game, my Friend, I would really love it if you work on Online or Local Multiplayer and a Great game Friend!!


if you plan to update the game could you please make multiplayer?

Btw this game is a banger

I love this game and if you are considering getting it. do it it is the best fan game i have played so far and ive played alot so i do recommend this game and its even better that the game is free.

thanks :)

l love the game and i thought that it would be really cool if there was multiplayer so you can play with friends. So like player  can be patrick.

The game is really nice but why is it black and white?

it's only black and white until you turn the power on, which is a feature i liked from the CoD Ascension zombies map

good little game

so i just spent the last 40 minutes absolutely loving and laughing with this game. its such a funny concept with its own unique twist on all of the perks and guns. All in all, im super excited to see where this game is headed. 

rlly fun ngl


 This was amazing . It doesnt take itself too seriously but seriously enough to be amazing! I really liked this and will play more soon heres my playthrough! 

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Hawksandwich i love your sponge bob  games a lot, keep up the good work   : )

LOVED this game but i ran into an issue where i couldnt pull out my 2nd weapon after i tried to pack a punch an already pack a punched weapon (i know im dumb) and i could no longer pack a punch any more weapons 

Deleted 1 year ago

yeah i started playing it, i like it but i liked the spongebob zombies theme 

so cool


Great game, love it man!

keep up the good work

teman bagaimana cara program game krasty zombie

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

please update this game,im a huge fan of cod zombies and it would be fun if you made a tranzit map

Deleted 1 year ago

could you add multiplayer and more guns

is this getting updates?

This Is from i play this, when i was start play at 2019

dude you need to update this game. Its so fun but more maps would be epic


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