A downloadable game for Windows


beta v.4.1

by HawkSandwich

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This is a free CoD zombies clone set in the Spongebob universe. 


-W,A,S,D or arrow keys to move


-MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON or G to throw grenades

-V to melee

-SCROLL WHEEL or [1] to switch weapons

-F to make purchases

-ESC or P to pause


Q. "Is the download a virus?"
A. No. Many people have downloaded it; none have reported a virus.

Q. "Is there controller support?"
A. Not yet. 

Q. "Will it run on 32 bit computers?"
A. Yes, it's built to run on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs.


-Lead developer - HawkSandwich

-Voice Acting - Vaqquixx, Taylor F (NonsensicalThings)

-Font - Tartarsauce erc

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Visit Game

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Install instructions

1. Download the given .zip file.

2. Unzip to anywhere, with the program of your choice (7zip, winRAR, etc.)

3. Run the "Krusty_Zombies.exe" file.


Krusty_Zombies_b5.0.zip 54 MB
Mac_OSX_Krusty_Zombies_b3.0.zip 70 MB

Development log


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I liked this game but I have to say, I wished there would be some music or ambiance. Cause this kinda was a bit of a dissapointment. I mean how quite it was.

Anyway fair is fair, so I tried playing it with nothing else then the pistol. Also I would like a goal instead of an endless arena.

Here is my video if your interested.

the update i’m working on now adds a lot of sound. thanks for the vid :)

No problem.


i dont know how to get the game :(


I just played the new update and this is hands down my favourite game I have played this year well done! Also can you add Patrick that you can buy him to follow you around with a baseball bat!

i like the patrick idea, i might do that :)

wait! really!?  :)

On the windows version, is it supposed to be black and white? or can I change it?

it's black and white until you turn the power on, then the color comes in

Well thanks and heres another, some people start out with the power on, can you tell why, please?

some people have older versions of the game before the power was implemented, so the game was just already in color.

i like the idea that the coulour comes with the power. That gives more points from in my review. And i am a low level cod zombies nerd so thats that

thanks :)

Super fun. I had no idea that the game has so much more to offer so a part 2 is coming soon. It's a super awesome game. Check it out

Could a xbox controller be compatible with this game? if so how would I do it?

unfortunately it doesn't have controller support yet. possibly in the future :)

Thank you

i beg you to add this to mac plzzzzzzz

coming soon :)


found a few glitches/exploits, will make video on them soon, also is wave 16 a good record? (yes i posted this on the gamejolt page don't @ me)

i think its just part of the game at this point X

Cool! Very funny!! It could be very better, but i liked :D

game was updated alot

Very amusing game you've made so far!
Although I was shooting zombies, the game felt rather relaxing, really.

I've made a gameplay video of it. In it, I also have a couple of tips and ideas that you might find useful (at least I hope so!)

Looking forward to an update! Keep it up!

It was the last game I played in 2019 and it was a really good one I really enjoy it but I was never able to make outside sadly enough but still a really good game

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Балдёжная игра! Жаль, что выйти из Красти Краба не могу - зомби-шпроты убивают раньше. Жду обновлений... (GOOD GAME suka blat'!!!)

10 из 10))

Благодарность! Cyka blyat  


thanks B)

plz can u add this game to mac i actually beg