W,A,S,D keys - walk

Mouse movement - look around

Space - jump

Left click - attack

Game by: HawkSandwich

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The game is free, but donations are always appreciated!


Yes, it looks like another game; no, it doesn't have any copyrighted material from that game.


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Nice game

sweet, thanks

Pretty fun little game. Tried to break it and get out of the pit but doesn't seem possible. :)

I got 118.3
Don't know if that's good.


ha thanks, i made it in about a day so i haven't glitch-tested whatsoever. i wouldn't be surprised if there's some way out (maybe jumping onto a villager's head?)


Decided to try it and it worked!

Wait for a villager to be at the edge and keep jumping at him. Jumping off the edge after getting up there has results expected in unity :)


wow yeah, i just did it too. woopsie

Same happened, lol