v1.2.0 release notes!

Alrighty, I've battled with Untiy and managed to push out an update. Here's what changed from v1.1.0:


  • Dust particles (all good games have dust particles.)
  • Enemy dying improved (body parts!)
  • Enemy texture improved 
  • Darker, higher quality lightmaps
  • Furnace graphic improved
  • Fire grows as you burn toys 
  • Gears
  • Second moon...?


  • Interaction distance decreased (can't pick up toys from as far away)
  • Interaction error margin increased (easier to pick up toys)
  • Enlarged crosshair when looking at a toy
  • Decreased walk speed
  • Better furnace tutorial (to avoid trends in confusion)
  • Better monster killing tutorial (to avoid trends in confusion)
  • Removed Herobrine

-German grammar error fix


Toppy's Toy Shop WINDOWS.zip 44 MB
Jan 22, 2019
Toppy's Toy Shop MAC.zip 47 MB
Jan 22, 2019

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