EASTER EGG riddle:

In three places, I am.

To find me, you will go HAM.

You can see me, but in pictures you cannot.

You cannot hear me, though I talk a lot.

this easter egg is in v1.1.0 or higher. if you have v1.0.0, please update. (tip: if there's a launguage select option on the main menu, you're in v1.1.0 or higher.)

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Okay, i've been at this riddle for about an hour now, and I haven't got a clue about it, would you mind giving another hint?

oh man, it'd be hard to say more without giving it away. well, it has something to do with lights in the game. the language used to convey the message can be used visually and audibly, electrically or mechanically. listen to Radioactivity by kraftwerk and you might just find out what it is.

please god tell me

 my wife and i have been at this for centuries

haha that's super cool to hear. alright, i'll give it away. it's morse code! there are three lights that flicker in the world, and each one flickers a certain message in morse code. i'll leave two a secret, but the pink one that's shining on the crate in the middle says "In here" -- i'll let you try to figure out what that might mean

this game is not bad