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I can revenge the villagers for charging more for items! :D

yeah, give them a knuckle sandwich for 5 emeralds

i got 32

i got 74 :) also go and subscribe to me - Lewis Stone - I made a video from this so please go and watch it and leave a like, have a nice day :)))))


I got 74.



i got 47.6

nice graphics!

I got 58.2! Was a nice fun game was pretty for being this short but I would rate it a 7/10 just because its a 50 second game if you are actually speed running it. 

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i got 181.8 Nice.


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Nice game

sweet, thanks

Pretty fun little game. Tried to break it and get out of the pit but doesn't seem possible. :)

I got 118.3
Don't know if that's good.


ha thanks, i made it in about a day so i haven't glitch-tested whatsoever. i wouldn't be surprised if there's some way out (maybe jumping onto a villager's head?)


Decided to try it and it worked!

Wait for a villager to be at the edge and keep jumping at him. Jumping off the edge after getting up there has results expected in unity :)


wow yeah, i just did it too. woopsie

Same happened, lol