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I do believe that without a doubt i am simply the best speed runner to ever grace this game

Oh boy this game is definitely a rage inducer hahaha! As frustrating as it was, I enjoyed this!

Gave it a go...



Hey! I don't have Linux, so I'm not sure the build would work properly. If you'd like, you can give me your Discord name and I can send you the files to make a Linux build

Alright man! That's really cool, I'm Weloo#4203

This is a very unique idea for a rage game now all it needs is more levels and its perfect :D.

Thanks for playing :p

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dude you should add a death count!

Good idea, I'll do that! Thanks for playing :P

No problem! I really love your game and can't wait to see what you do with it.

This fist simulator is probably the most difficult and, frustrating hand simulator game I have ever seen!

This Game....My Knuckles ended up the same color as billys...good game

Omg im loving this game.  Very rage inducing though.

Awesome lol, and yeah it is

I honestly wanna go back and try to speed run it at this point lol but im not sure how much i can handle without raging at myself ! fun game i like the concept 

Thanks, this was really entertaining! It's cool that you figured out the punching laser speedrun tactic ;)

Cool game. I like the idea of a rocket jump style platforming game.

I really really enjoyed this video and laughed a bunch, thanks so much!

Really good bit of fun! you can probably tell my platforming skills are not fine tuned :')

Nice vid, thanks! P.S. launching yourself backwards helps a lot, since when you punch something it lanches you in exactly the opposite direction that you're looking.

I might replay it at some point. It's a really good game tbf dude. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future :)