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You're not a good jumper. This is a platformer. You have big muscles. Punch to launch yourself backwards.


$23.93 (Thank you <3)


This is a prototype for a gameplay mechanic. If people like the game, I'll probably continue developing it, adding interesting not-as-samey environments, maybe enemies, more obstacles, more levels, etc.




-Made with speedrunners in mind

-Not resource-intensive (Will run fine on most computers)

-First person controls

-No randomness (Makes speedrunning fair)

GIVE ME MONEY (no pressure)

If you want to show your love by throwing some cash money at me, you can't. BUT you can send digital money via either my Patreon or here on Itch by paying for the game (it's free, but you can pay for it if you want.)


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i was going to rage quit at deaths at 50 but could not as i wanted to finish it hahaha was a good game but omg it was stressful hahaha keep up the good work

I do believe that without a doubt i am simply the best speed runner to ever grace this game

Oh boy this game is definitely a rage inducer hahaha! As frustrating as it was, I enjoyed this!

Gave it a go...



Hey! I don't have Linux, so I'm not sure the build would work properly. If you'd like, you can give me your Discord name and I can send you the files to make a Linux build

Alright man! That's really cool, I'm Weloo#4203

This is a very unique idea for a rage game now all it needs is more levels and its perfect :D.

Thanks for playing :p

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dude you should add a death count!

Good idea, I'll do that! Thanks for playing :P

No problem! I really love your game and can't wait to see what you do with it.

This fist simulator is probably the most difficult and, frustrating hand simulator game I have ever seen!

This Game....My Knuckles ended up the same color as billys...good game

Omg im loving this game.  Very rage inducing though.

Awesome lol, and yeah it is

I honestly wanna go back and try to speed run it at this point lol but im not sure how much i can handle without raging at myself ! fun game i like the concept 

Thanks, this was really entertaining! It's cool that you figured out the punching laser speedrun tactic ;)

Cool game. I like the idea of a rocket jump style platforming game.

I really really enjoyed this video and laughed a bunch, thanks so much!

Really good bit of fun! you can probably tell my platforming skills are not fine tuned :')

Nice vid, thanks! P.S. launching yourself backwards helps a lot, since when you punch something it lanches you in exactly the opposite direction that you're looking.

I might replay it at some point. It's a really good game tbf dude. Look forward to seeing what you do in the future :)