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This game was hilarious! Reminds me of a lot of great Sponbgebob memories from my childhood!

Although it was an extremely bare-bones experience, I liked it! It was a nice little homage to the show, including a few well liked characters. I provided a slight challenge, and I even got sort of jump scared at one point. Here's my playthrough:

Had a jumpscare that wasn't supposed to be a jumpscare! Quick and plain fun!

It was a fun goofy game wasnt really scary but more fun than anything.

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Hey. Thanks for making such a fun game.I really liked it. The characters were funny and scary at the same time and the overall ambience was pretty spooky. I made a video playing through the whole game with funny reactions. Thanks and keep the good work.

I absolutely love the fact that you brought back such a classic, old meme! You gotta admit, the old grandma in the wheelchair was creepy, even in the episode. lol

Me as a non-english speaker i made my first gameplay in english :D

It didn't click at first that this was a HawkSandwich game but I really should have figured it out. weirdness and horror in spades :) great wee fan game buddy 

cheers :)

This was a pretty cool short but I really liked it

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amazing for a fan game


Fun little game!

Link to to my channel (opens in new tab)


Really awesome game! A bit on the short side but still pretty cool concept and got me a few times lol

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Needs more works, but has potential! Remember, one thing you should always ask Mr.Krabs... Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

Awesome short horror game. CHOCOLATE!!!!

I really enjoyed the game and its creativity plus I really love spongebob horror games so that was a plus. 

I enjoyed this game so much!!! It was great experience!



haha thank you



SKIP TO 31:14!!!

How do u get on to the game ???

first you download it, 

then you double click on the .exe file and it'll start

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I had fun playing this game. heres a vid i made on it if you wanna see

Cool game 

like the game


Typically I shy away from SpongeBob fan games but knowing HawkSandwich was behind it, I opted to check it out.

First off, the HawkSandwich quality is still here. Has that overall creepy vibe feel that you've come to love.

The game is scary and get's extra credit for not being just a Baldi's pallete swap (again, would not think it'd be low quality since it's a HawkSandwich game) -- but also has a detailed environment and some character models being a little more of a deep dive into the lore of SpongeBob (I'm sad I knew this).

Very happy this exists and I got to go hands on. Thanks again, can't wait to see more future projects.

aw, thanks for the nice review!

hi, big thx for the cool game :) greetings from germany


I really love what you did man! I have some feedback in the video about the game, but overall I had a lot of fun and I'm really impressed with your character models and the speed that you've been making games recently! Good Job! 

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Made a video on your game and had fun.


Loved your game, would love if you checked the vid out


Nice job. I like the models.


Had fun trying out this spongebob fan horror game!  


CHOCOLATE? CHOCOLATE!!! It was a very funny and scary experiment at the same time, however it was short as well. I'll definitely give it 7.5/10.


Short but really Cool game Dev 5/5 :))


This was fun. You sure are busy lately, 3 games this week? :)


very busy indeed, i'm excited to see this letl's play


Nice game, good job :D


The game is great had fun playing it rated 5/5 :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


I enjoyed every second of this.

sweet! watching it now

Guessing this is like the Sequel to Day of Terror?

i guess you could say that, but they're not linked in any way so not really

Ok, I will play this later in October, On My Channel I play Horror Games in October for the Creepy vibes and Halloween, I will send the link soon!

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