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The game was so so good and nice

 keep going ...

the game is rigged the fat ugly bald worm keeps stareing at me its impossible to beat i give it a half a star of assness

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nice work!the game is realy good.


this game was a lot of fun definitely enjoyed it would love to see more stuff added on there to make it a lil difficult but 8/10💯

This was my comeback game after being off YouTube while moving. Great work! Tons of potential!

A beautiful game that has a STRONG reference to the chocolate episode. 

This was a fun game but it would be great if it had more levels

game 2 of this video 

This was a cool game! I enjoyed trying to avoid all the enemies! Good job! Game starts at 3:56


Played this game once again. Cool but too short 4/5

This video is both of your spongebob games!  I had so much fun!

I think it's a glitch, but the guys blocking off the entrance to mr krabs never dissapear. Maybe there's something wrong with my game, but otherwise i loved it. Great game.

that's supposed to happen after you get the chocolate, there's another way around to get past them. glad you like it :)

oooh... Clever! and yes, it was an amazing game :)


Played this the other day as the second part of a 3 Scary Games video, and it was fantastic, even though I'm terrible at these games..

Check out the video ->

Your game starts at 14:15. This was awesome and Lil Beef was ecstatic when he made it out alive. The map was a great idea and the final stretch to get out was intense. Keep up the good work! Your games are excellent. 

Love this game,the character controls very well,the grafic are friendly with potato pc. no lag
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I had a great time with your game, the character controls very well, it would have been great if it had a Halloween-themed setting, decorations, scenes, etc., good game! Game Complete Here con Subtitulos en Espanol, no olvides activarlos primero!

This is such a great game! Well done! 

This game was entertaining and funny!

Absolute unit of a game: 


I really liked this game, it is very good keep it up <3

I loved how to chill the atmosphere and even some of the jumpscares were.

Thank you for the game!

The game so fun and also I already find the trick in this game haha ^^ so easy

Muchas gracias por compartir me gustó mucho a decir verdad y los sustos... 


will you make it play in browser sometime

Yahoi me boi, I need dat secret formula or I'll lose all mah muney.

hola !!! fue bastante divertido tu videojuego , me encanto : ) sigue asi !!! 

Honestly one of the weirdest, but genuinely fun games i've played in a long time. Good work man!

Dobra kratka igrica, sviđa mi se koncepcija i zvučni efekti, lagana za razumiti, sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica

Such a good throwback to possibly one of the best SpongeBob episodes! Fun game for a quick scare or two! (Starts at 23:33)

Great game.

That chocolate man. I remember him. I see you got more creepy spnogebob games. I will recommend it to my other friends. 

when i got to the end of the game i saw the giant body of the old guy and i thought that if i went that way i would die, so i stopped for a split second before making the decision of going thru (this happened about 20 minutes into the game) but the crazy fish guy that likes chocolate caught me and i had to play about another 20 minutes before i finally went thru. i really like your sponge bob games you should make more  :) 

Iv made a vid on the other games by this excellent dev, I love these games so much!

Despite my frustrations and fears, I had fun with this short horror experience 

Amazing game. Actually really well polished, as is to be expected from the Krusty Zombies developer

Very Well Made. Great Tutorial. Easy to Understand.

Not too scary, didn't have to go to Weenie Hut Jr. Which was nice.

This game is incredibly well made and medium difficulty. I would recomend playing



Just remember to sprint and it's a good time! Not too scary which is nice for wimps like me haha

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