A downloadable game for Windows

a Spongebob horror fan-game about trying to survive in Mr Krabs' cursed money vault.


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This video game is NOT an official Spongebob Squarepants product, and it

has no intent to decieve anyone into thinking that it is.

This is a fan-made parody game, by a Spongebob fan, for Spongebob fans.

I, the developer, have no affiliation with the parent company(s) of Spongebob Squarepants.

This game is presented for free, with no paid add-ons and no option to donate.

I would glady immediately remove this game upon request by the owners of Spongebob Squarepants, or by the owners of any site it is published on.


The_Krusty_Cellar_Windows.zip 45 MB


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game fire


That was a fun lil game, thank you

Havent played it yet but im so ready too!

hope you enjoy :)

the chocolate guy trolled me!!! lol

a great horror game for in between :D I love it! <3 Have a nice day and greetings from germany ^^

danke :)

Wish I could have beat this, but it was still entertaining! 


This game for some odd reason was TERRIFYING xD and loved every bit of it. Sequels are IN ORDER!

This is a well made simplistic themed game. I enjoyed the ominous voice overs adding a feeling of being observed by who or what is in the cellar. I am inspired by this game to make games.

thanks, that's cool to hear!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, guys. That was great and it made me scream and scared is so hardly. 😊

Great game! I love the aesthetics, though it took me a bit to figure out the ending. Lots of fun, great job!

It's very quick and easy!

This a an extremely fun time!

fun time!

Bro I don't even like chocolate but right now I like Mr. Krabs less..

that prize was actual cheeks..

Awesome game, i had so much fun recording and im so glad i had the chance to play the game.


MR. KRABS IS THE TRUE VILLAIN!! There must be a reason why Spongebob is employee of the month every month, right? I feel this game was a bit harder than originally intended; at least for me. That being said, I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST playing this short game! Chocolate guy should have his own horror movie.

It's absolutely horrifying, good job! :D

Amazing Game! Little Short Though, Would play again

so good so good like i knew it would


Only 4 days!? Noice.


This game actually made my most dreaded type of horror game legitimately fun!

(1 edit) (-1)


great game made the cartoon come to life 



I had way too much fun with this

I enjoyed the game, but I kinda sucked at it lol, I made a video on it, as my review.

I enjoyed this game, but I wish it had more of an actual horror element to it.I am not trying to hate the game because I loved it, just wish it would have been more scary.

It was a fun and a little scary experience. Overall it's pretty cool. I think, when you get the chocolate there are too many guys spawning completely blocking you out of destination but I know it should be challenging.

Awesome little fan game.  I was expecting Plankton to be the one trying to get us, but it does have the second best spongebob villain! 

great fan game. i love it. no doubt i will check your other game ;)

This so fun and enjoyed thank.


i died a couple times but overall enjoyed this game lol

ChOcOlAtE!!!!!!!! I loved this great! Wish it was longer, but what I played I enjoyed.

very cool game liked it lot and was a lot of fun really like the idea all these characters are crazy lol cant wait for more games from you.

Such a cool little game! Nice job! I had fun playing it!

Cartoon art is so good. I like the chocolate concept and the game very much.

Obviously a lot of work went into the models and environments but the actual gameplay just wasn't quite there for me.

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