v1.0.1 - Spongebob's Day of Terror

Yay, the first update :P

First thing's first, if you have a Mac, listen up. Since I'm on Windows, I can't build a Mac version of the game using UE4 (without emulation or something,) so I need someone to build it for me. To do this, you'd need UE4, and I'd send you the project file. Then all you'd have to do is press a few buttons then send me the built version back. Someone on itch.io suggested I post a Mac build, so if you're reading this and you'd like to, get in touch with me!

Secondly, here's the changelog:
-Decreased file size (from 421MB to 163MB)
-Increased player movement speed
-Moved restrooms (Makes for easier hiding)
-Changed max framerate from 30 to 60 (having it at 30 in the first place was an accident)
-Improved lightmap quality
-Slowed angler fish movement
-Fixed glitchy Krabby Patty (I think, I'm still not sure what the problem was)
-Fixed development name displaying on the game window ("Spongebob's Day Off")


Spongebobs_Day_of_Terror_ v1.0.1.zip 163 MB
Mar 06, 2018

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