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I love how this was a cute horror game, a huge departure from the normal gore I have on my channel. Thanks for making an enjoyable game.

Spongebob's horror games need to stop! JK, this wasn't that scary though!

I actually got spooked at one point and I'm not sure how to feel about that. Good o'l spongebob horror games!


I hope this is the first in a long series of Spooky Spongebobs emulators.



This game is really really really fun! You should totally make more! The gameplay is nice and smooth, and the graphics are pleasing to the eye!

looks fun

This game was awesome, an epic short horror game I enjoyed a lot :D

I had a whooole lotta fun with this video. I was always hoping a game like this would be created, based off the Rock Bottom episode, and you made that hope a reality! I laughed so hard the entire way through, especially when the main enemy came out of no where. 


Alright, I'm going to make this nice, short and concise. This game, may just be a spongebob. Now if all of my evidence that I've gathered here in my moms basement is in fact correct, you have to follow me on Instagram (@that.guy.cole, thanks In advance 😘) so alright hear me out, now I can see subtleties that even HawkSandwich (the god themself) might not even have seen. So point one, when you start the game you're blessed with that sweet sweet title screen that makes you all hot and sweaty after .5 seconds. That immediately is a reference to how sweaty squidward got when he liked krabby patties, now for novices, this detail would've completely gone over their heads, it even took me a good while but I figured it out, very sneaky. Point two now, this one was a bit tricky, but if you have some yummy brain coral, you should be able to keep up. So, notice how Sponge's hand is very delicately hovering, this to me obviously seems like either the jelly fish jam dance, OR the krusty krab pizza dance. There's just too much to pack into one comment, so I hope I've opened your mind to a new look on the creativity and cleverness that is SPONGEBOBS DAY OF TERROR I know I sure did. Thanks for listening to my short explanation. 

As always, 

With love, 

-BigBoiSpaghettiDadaroni The III

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By golly, you're right! You've opened my mind to what my subconscious created! I didn't even realize those subtleties but they're definitely there! And I'm a guy, btw.

With love,

HawkSandwich (the guy)

shut up you fucking imposter 


don't swear

i found this game really enjoyable! (btw this is 2 games in 1 video :D ) really awesome job on creating this!! 

Hi dad, 

It's me again

I need to, uhh, let you know something 

Something importannnnnnt



-BigBoiSpaghettiDadaroni The III

I really liked the game!

You need to develop this game necessarily!

A lot of bugs, but ok ..


I love the spongebob games ! Have you planned another SpongeBob game ? 

I actually really enjoyed playing this one! and it was a pretty difficult challenge to escape!  Great job on this one! Hope you enjoy the video! 


great little game check it out

Was rather amusing and fun to play! Wish there was more to it but enjoyed it still! Love his little hand! haha!

I actually quite enjoyed getting a chance to explore Rock Bottom a bit more. I'd love to see your take on some other Spongebob areas, even without the gameplay. I think the enemy bugged out at some point and stopped chasing me, but other than that it was a nice little experience. Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to play!

Thanks! I'd like to make some more spongebob environments as well!

Awesome! Well, whatever you work on next, good luck with it!

How do i downlaod this game?

Good times bro, I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere, despite the game being somewhat empty. The balloon dude chasing was actually pretty satisfying, I like the feeling of being chased. BTW: if you look at spongebob's shadow when he is floating up, you will notice something odd ;) Thanks Hawk!

For More Great Let's Plays:

mac version please

Not sure if it was a glitch or, some type of bug. The angler murderer fish seemed to blink in and, out also made no sound not sure if this was intentional or not but, made it super hard to progress!

Had a blast playing this. Rock Bottom was my favorite episode lol. It's like Slenderman but on Rock Bottom!

Is this god? And if so, is this heaven? And if so, is this sponge? Bob, even? If one were to hypothetically create such a masterpiece, would this be it? Im at a loss for words here. I... I need more, NAY, I crave more, please, Oh please, I say! Fill me with sweet krabby patty goodness. I know you're up for the task. So don't let me, dont let me, dont let me down. Cuz I need you right now. Thank you for your time.


~BigBoiSpaghettiDadoroni The III

Wow what a comment. If that's half as genuine as it seems, I'm willing to devote all my time to making spongebob games just for you

Oh it's 100% genuine. 

Noticed a small glitch! You can retype on the mainscreen in the text box where it says "day of terror"

I love the game so far though, silly, spooky fun

i love this game. I rate it fourteen squidwards outa five. MASTA PIECE quality, amazing character design, and spoopy player material. i wet the bed four times after playing. I love you


Thanks, love you too

I misread this as you went to bed four times after playing. Truly frightening.


For some reason the Angular Fish doesn't appear in my walk through. Not sure why. It impacted my review of the game, but I liked aspects of it.

how do you play games





Hey there

I remember this episode like it was yesterday. I wake up, get a big bowl of fruity pebbles, sit on the floor and just embrace Rock Bottom. Gameplay below! It is about 4 minutes so get a snack and enjoy!


Dude yes, fruity pebbles is the best food to eat when watching spingebob

I quite enjoyed this game! The atmosphere you created had me on edge the whole time.

This was pretty good. Good job for a first try at unreal!

I like the way the graphics. Good 3D representation  of a 2D cartoon.

i definitely got some chills 

This game is pretty unique, I have not see another spongebob horror game.

Never was much a fan of spongebob but this game was actually pretty challenging! I came in thinking it would be a quick playthrough and came out terrified of Glovey Glove... I do think however I broke the game on my last run through and he dissapeared. Great game though it was a lot of fun!

This was a tough one. Not to be that guy, but I guess I am that guy. 

I really wished it was longer but it was good!


This game was one of the scariest sponge-bob horror games definitely!

This game is a lot of fun! And the music is actually very creepy! I hope they add more to it! 

If you'd like to check out gameplay footage before downloading it, you can so here: 

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