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Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
Tagsbottom, Fangame, Horror, rock, rock-bottom, scary, sponge-bob, spongebob, Spooky, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

To install, just unzip the files you get from downloading, open the WindowsNoEditor folder, and run the .exe


Spongebobs_Day_of_Terror_ v1.0.1.zip 163 MB

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This game would be amazing if it had more levels and depth to it but none the less, fun game.

Game 3 Of this video

This felt like we were part of the show! I wish it was longer but it was fun either way. I played this as part of my new 3 Spooky Games series and this was game #2 in my 'Ruining Your Childhood' edition. Gameplay starts at 15:30.

Gameplay en español

I played the game for my channel. 

LMAO so for some reason when i launch this game it also launches oculus and steam vr tf?

So I recently played a Hagrid horror game and decided I wanted to play some more with my favorite cartoons and so this made it into 3 random games for my channel. It's the first game, thanks all for watching :D

I played this as part of 3 scary SpongeBob games. This is based on one of my favorite episode of SpongeBob so i had to play it! It was a really cool game. Kinda wish there was more to it but it was really cool for what it was. I recommend trying it out!!

Really nice SpongeBob game! We remember this episode and it was funny as hell! Keep it up!

cool game

simple concept i enjoyed it!


Lmao This Game Was Amazing! The Fact That He Disappears Made It Stressful.


i swear everywhere i go now ill always hear a *spit* uh oh *spit* *spit* I GOTTA GO!!!

please make more

its good

i love these so much !!!

YO I can't wait to see your other SpongeBob creepy games you got.  I wish this one was longer though. I like how you had to find things and someone was after you. 

Had some fun playing the game.

why do i walk so slowly, i have a balanced FPS but i walk super slow you should also add settings


the fan made games are always the best!


Hey there I made a video about this and geez. I don#t think I have laughed this hard in a while. Also brought back so many memories of Spongebob.  xD


This is the most scariest game i had ever played

(1 edit) (+1)

hi guys



is it free no download?


yep it’s 100% free :)


its free


So good ! 

hoping for a larger version! 


I wanted to be caught, but I couldn't.
So it was a little unfortunate.


i got the creeps


Deleted 2 years ago

cheers :)

Deleted 2 years ago

I enjoyed this.  Everything in the game looks good and it runs really smooth.  The only downside is that it was pretty short.  It only took roughly 3-4 minutes to finish.  But overall, it's a nice/quick little game play for all Spongebob fans out there.  I made a video that includes it.  It is the first game in the video. 


the start for this game starts at 5:34 it was a cool fast game i also played 3 am at the krusty krab in this one too


This was amazing! I can't wait to check out your other projects! Timestamp: 00:35


The only Spongebob Horror game I was able to beat! This was really entertaining. Love the raspberry/mouth fart sound effects too.

I enjoyed the thrill of looking around every time the music was rapidly introduced. Simple and appealing layout design made it of interest to explore Rock Bottom!

cool stuff, glad you liked it


i think theres a bug because when i exit to the right of the spawn point the burger is not collectable

Kinda boring, I'm not a huge let's player, but here you go. Great game though!!

Am I the only one who kinda fids the guy with the balloon creepy? I hope not, great game btw, I love spongebob lol

thanks :)



I had a problem at my first try of the game. It won't let me pick up one of the items you need to collect. 

Here is my take, the game starts at 0:00

too bad the game is short I would love to play more of these kind of games.

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