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Teen Aqua Force the horror game


Was very quick and short. The character designs are cool and it was quite creepy. 

Nice game !

Could we get a proper GNU+Linux (Arch /Manjaro / Steam OS) port please?!

Does buying the game here (from this page or in the sale bundle) include a Steam key?

unfortunately no, steam sales are separate

i got to day 7 without dying on my first try  but the first enemy in the basement i could not get past as soon as he turns around he would get me everytime  lol




Very fun game still havent beaten it yet but I will one of these days XD 


Honestly I've wanted to play this game for a little bit. Sadly I literally don't have a dollar to spend YET!!! College is rough ok ;w;... ANYWAYS, I just wanted to say that this is such an amazing game! It might be simple,but that is the magic of it. This game shows that simple models, textures, little to no audio, and simple animations can lead to a terrifying and downright nightmare inducing experience. Though this horror game might be small I honestly think every horror game can learn from it. This game is awesome, keep up the good work :).


hey :)

email me at

As per usual, Hawk delivers a great fun & surreal experience which everyone needs to experience.Hard at times but very rewarding


awesome, thanks!

Pretty fun ngl. It was fun playing in my video.

Brilliant fun little game, simple yet effective, really enjoyed making my video for this game!

I enjoyed playing this game! The concept is fun, and I'm looking forward to whatever the new update will include! I think with a little improvement to the AI, and some more story progression, this game could achieve its full potential!

awesome, thanks! the new update will have gameplay progression and story :) exciting stuff

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don’t worry too much, i’ve made more money this month on itch than ever before. but if you want to donate, you can add a tip by raising the purchase price when you buy a game :)

This was so much fun! The simplistic mechanics make the experience feel very tightened up! I give a few suggestions on how to maybe spice up the gameplay in this playthrough:

I loved this game it was real enjoyable to play the mechanics were real smooth the enemies were difficult and REAL spooky (especially the French fry guy) and it was all around good fun.


I liked the trippy design and how bizarre the monsters looked, but gameplay just seems to get stale rather quickly and the ability to escape is often hindered by complete RNG. It was the second game I played in this video of 3 random horror games.

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Uh as far as I know of I am...

'sup, fam, I've included your game in my latest video! Skip to 8:15 to see me play your game! Cheers!


I played a few of your free games as my first "developer highlights" to show how indie developers grow over the years up to their latest game. There was one that I liked even better than this one and there are still a bunch that I haven't gotten to yet!

SKIP TO 15:14!!!


Very entertaining game. Great work.

Interesting game for sure. Imo, I think the blue stumpy monster should have been phased out starting on day 4/5 in place of the speedy fries. Either that or have them make more extensive use of the tunnels.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

Fun game. I like the variety of characters.


Another great game! Fun levels and good jump scares!


That was pretty good, I like how it was made a good scary experience.

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