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This Was Pretty Cool!

very much enjoyed this 

que juego mas divertido lastima q no consegui el final pero ta divertido

It was really fun and its a nice challenge


This game killed me inside that I almost went mentally insane, but it was a still fun experience. 

This was far more stressful than I thought it would be! Great game, would love to see some more of it!



This is an outstanding little game. Both hilarious and horrifying, and the work that had to go into getting all these mechanics set up is very impressive... Thanks for sharing it with us! Really hoping to see more.


Oh my I enjoyed watching this game so much.  The panic during some of the waves was priceless.   It's fantastic.


thanks guys, always good to hear

This game had me cracking up bad.

I loved the game and how unique it was awesome job :D


hi, big thx for the great funny and creepy game. fantastic. greetings from rosti 🥰👍

This game scared the hell out of me, also I made fun of the chicken so much.

This game is a whole lot of fun, not something you get out of most horror games these days. I would LOVE to play a larger game based around this concept. Maybe more enemies, traps, locations, etc. that would be a blast. This game has a great style to it as well. I do think it's a bit too easy to cheese the system but at the same time it makes you as a player feel super smart for figuring it out lol. Thanks for making the game!

Please continue making this game, because this is actually a cool scary game. I hope it become an official =)

thanks! going through some stuff at the moment but i will return to this game as soon as possible :)

Ok and your welcome :D

when "porkchops adventure wasnt enough'" 🤣

If you want to listen the game in spanish or see me suffering, here is my channel / Si quieren escuchar el juego en español o verme sufrir, acá esta mi canal

Ok so i don't like horror games, and your game took the shit out of me, it's good but you could make the character run faster because it's tiresome to move all the objects to block the door, anyway i had fun and i hope that that chicken is burning in hell.

This was a really enjoyable little game, though I didn't seem to get the boards to work. I think I made good use of them in my own way 

neat game :) i enjoyed

Great! Thanks!  :D

Does this download include the update? Or is the update separate?

the download is replaced with each new version. downloading it now will give you the latest update.

hola me gusto harto el juego a pesar q no pude ganarlo aqui dejo mi video probandolo 


This was a lot of fun!  I can't wait to see what else is in store for this game!

The game is interesting and has that fnaf vibe in a sense. Though, the only thing holding it back is the lack of enemy variety. Otherwise, it's a fun game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Ayo. The game was fire, i feel like if you add a third chicken dude after round 6 it would be even better, Also. i used bear traps....quite a bit.

Gave it a Let's Play, gameplay can be found here, unsure how the Boards work though during the version I played. 

I gave up on level 2 lol. Still a good game that is very challenging.

I really enjoyed the game and was intense had to pay attention to multiple things and was very fun though!

I love the graphics to it and has a great intense horror feel to it LOVED THE GAME!!!!

thanks glad you like it!

Actually challenging horror game! Enjoyed it wholly, gave me some good scares too! My experience linked down below if interested!

I beat this game. I may or may not have lost my sanity playing it but it was definently a good time and a great game. 

Nice one.

I beat this game. That was a tough ride. :D 5/5

bro same my vids about to come out

creepy & Funny cool :)

This is my Art :)

I love it! Believe it or not this is the first fan art i've ever received :)

I have WinRAR. Got it downloaded and working now. KEWL! :D

glad to hear it!

Show post...


thanks for posting the first video on it!

I can't download the file, something seems to be wrong with it (?)

Haven’t heard that from anyone else, do you have a program for unzipping archives? WinRAR is probably the most popular for this.

Scary, I like it

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The best days, are the days Hawk releases a new game


I didnt get to play it for that long but so far 10/10

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